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Along the Texas Gulf Coast storm drainage requires special attention to protect your property from flood damage. Enterprise Commercial Paving has been providing peace of mind to property owners in Houston, Galveston and the surrounding communities by installing storm sewers, catch basins, and grates to mitigate the flow of floodwater. Our drainage professionals will do an on-site analysis of your flood risks and areas for improvement. 

What We Do

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Industrial & Commercial Underground Utility Projects

Flood control services such as catch basins, installing storm sewers and repairing existing utilities for the Greater Houston area

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Turnkey Utilities and Parking Lot Projects

We offer utility installation to existing and new construction projects with the ability to repair the parking lot surface as needed

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Asphalt & Concrete Restoration

Parking lot repairs across the Greater Houston area

Underground Utilities Solutions In Southeast Texas

Enterprise Commercial Paving employs cost-effective solutions to install storm sewers, catch basins, and grates as well as repairing existing catch basins to provide proper underground drainage. Professional drainage systems installed properly can save your property from catastrophic damage in the future. Houston’s home and business owners know the threat of flood damage is real. They have trusted our contractors to help them prepare proper drainage to minimize the threat of flood damage to their property.

Houston Storm Drainage Experts

Storm drainage is important for flood control, but there are other reasons to consider underground utilities for drainage too. Stagnant water can also cause severe damage to structures, buildings, and fences. Without proper drainage, rainwater can collect in the lowest-lying areas of your property. This causes cracks and stresses your foundation. If water is left to flow freely, it can also erode your concrete or asphalt pavement. Improper drainage can also lead to mold and fungus conditions on and around structures and even landscaping. These are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate from your property.

Storm drainage solutions:

  • Storm sewers
  • Catch basins
  • Grates
  • Recommended maintenance of drainage systems

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