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We are the leading company in Houston for site and soil stabilization. From lime stabilization to fly ash stabilization, we have the solution to ensure your project starts on firm ground. We will ensure your site has the strength to support your construction or transportation needs.  

What We Do

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Industrial, Petrochemical & Commercial Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization for your Texas Gulf Coast project

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Soil Stabilization Solutions

Lime stabilization, fly ash stabilization, and portland cement reclamation

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Quality Stabilization Results

We provide quality results for your stabilization project

Soil Stabilization Solutions For The Texas Gulf Coast Region


Enterprise Commercial Paving offers soil stabilization solutions that provide a working platform by reducing the plasticity and moisture susceptibility of soil while improving its strength and compactable properties. We ensure proper compaction of the subgrade and aggregate base for your concrete or asphalt surface so it is stronger and more stable under a range of climates. Our services include:

  • Lime Stabilization
  • Lime/Fly Ash Stabilization
  • Portland Cement Stabilization/Reclamation 

Enterprise Commercial Paving is insured, bonded, and financially strong. We have secured the following insured and bonded services.

What Is Soil Stabilization For Pavement?

Several criteria go into determining the proper soils used for pavement base, subbase, and subgrades. Sometimes additives will be needed to mix in with existing soil depending on the type of pavement project. Enterprise Commercial Paving will select the proper subgrade and soil stabilization for your driveway, roadway, parking, lot or sports court paving project. Mechanical stabilization can be used to blend different soils together at the worksite, speed, and then compacted to the proper density to support your workload. Additive stabilization involves mixing cement, lime, fly ash, or other materials in specific percentages to achieve a specific density. These can add further strength to your base installation for your cement or asphalt project. Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast soils contain a large amount of clay. This is just one of the factors we take into account when determining the proper base for you concrete or asphalt installation.

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