Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair & Restoration Services for the Houston TX area

Asphalt is the most affordable choice for any paving project. However, asphalt needs more frequent maintenance than concrete pavement. Like all things, it will eventually erode and begin to perform poorly. Factors such as poor drainage, heavy traffic and extreme temperature all contribute to its deterioration.

For managers of commercial and industrial properties, it is important to stay aware of your pavement’s condition and keep one step ahead to ensure minimal downtime and repair costs. Enterprise Commercial Paving is Houston, TX’s top asphalt repair company.

Asphalt Repair Methods

Our asphalt contractors at Enterprise Commercial Paving use industry standard asphalt repair methods to bring your asphalt driveway and pavement back to its brand-new condition. We begin the process by resurfacing the asphalt pavement and then proceed with restoration.

Resurfacing & Restoration

We begin the asphalt restoration process with resurfacing. Without this step, your asphalt pavement would stay in disarray. First, we clean the asphalt and fill any existing cracks or sunken places. Next, we apply the industrial-grade resurfacer.

To fully restore your asphalt, we use a process called asphalt overlay. We’ll apply a new layer of asphalt to the deteriorating surface that has now been fully prepped and patched.

Trust the trained and experienced team at Enterprise Commercial Paving for all your asphalt repair needs. We can evaluate the extent of your damage and find the root cause of the problem. Enterprise Commercial Paving can provide all the asphalt repair work you need for your company in Houston, TX. Check out our full list of asphalt services today.

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