With winter approaching, the affects to landscaping, outdoor recreational areas and road conditions are first on most people’s minds. However, the overlooked areas around your home or business also need attention and protection, even in Houston, where snow is not a regular part of our winters. Just because we don’t experience blizzards and several feel of snowfall doesn’t mean that the colder temperatures don’t affect concrete and concrete structures.

Decorative Concrete

Colored and/or stamped concrete that goes through several freeze-thaw cycles, as we tend to experience here in Houston, can fail after a hard winter. When water freezes on and around the sections of stamped concrete it causes both expansion and pressure. While concrete is made to withstand some degree of both expansion and pressure, repeated harsh conditions can change the original finish of the detailed work.

Make sure to hire a reputable company that is experienced in how to properly seal colored concrete to withstand weathering. Also, ask what their warranty is if you live in an area where winters can be harsher.

Driveways, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots

The most important winter preparation you can do for your concrete driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots begins with its construction. Choosing an experienced company is key. Make sure that either steel rods or mesh are used to strengthen the concrete to handle the tension brought on by harsh winter conditions. Additionally, high quality coatings can be added to repel water, keeping the expansion and pressure to a minimum when your area’s temperature drops to freezing levels.

Heavy Use Areas

High traffic areas, such as parking garages and lots that may already have cracks, chips, holes, etc. are at risk for more damage in the winter months. With cracks allowing water to seep deeper into the concrete, freezing temperatures are allowed to penetrate into an already strained area and add more pressure. Just as flooding is highly damaging to broken or improperly sealed concrete, so is freezing water, even in small amounts.

For more information on how to ensure that this winter’s weather does not damage your concrete, to get a quote on repairs to already damaged concrete, or for more information of winterizing your concrete, call Enterprise Commercial Paving at 713-432-7500 or click here to contact us online.

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