A Job for Professionals

Demolition is more than just “knocking stuff down”. It is a very precise process, especially when demolishing concrete structures. Enterprise Commercial Paving demolishes parking lots, runways, concrete slabs, concrete foundations, statues, concrete pilings and walls with full pick up and haul.

When breaking up concrete that can be many inches thick ECP understands the process well and has well trained professionals that can handle such a tedious job that requires incredible safety and skill. We make sure that all utility companies have been contacted to notify us of any cables that may run underneath and use heavy machinery needed to handle even large jobs like parking garage concrete wall removal and repair. Digging above a utility lines like gas or electric can be very dangerous and should only be handled by a professional.

Partial Concrete Removal

Sometimes removing all of the concrete paving is not necessary. In some cases only a portion of the concrete needs to be removed and repaired. Enterprise Commercial Paving uses a special process that can remove a smaller area of the existing concrete to repair damage made by wear and tear, weather, leaks or blunt force. ECP can repair the damaged section or replace it and will take care of the concrete removal, as well.

A Better Way

Removing reinforcement bar or large welded wire mesh is also difficult and requires special tools and training. You can have a full parking lot demolition and repair done with ECP to even include striping and marking without having to find three separate companies. Our “white collar approach to a blue collar business” has been a large part our success. Our professionals are highly trained, specialized in all types of concrete and asphalt construction, drug-free and have no criminal backgrounds.

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