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Asphalt Paving

Enterprise Commercial Paving delivers top-quality turnkey asphalt paving solutions for the Houston and Gulf Coast area with a professional workforce and excellent rates.

Concrete Paving

You can expect top-quality concrete paving services from Enterprise Commercial Paving. Your concrete project will be delivered professionally, on-time, and at competitive rates.

Parking Lot & Garage Construction

From cracks to shallow pockets to outright potholes, damaged parking lots can present a danger to commuters, increase wear and tear on vehicles, as well as be simply as eyesore.


Prolong the life or your asphalt and improve its appearance with our professional sealcoating that protects your asphalt from petroleum spills, oil, and damage caused by the weather.

Demolition & Removal

Our demolition services range from full demos of concrete / asphalt structures of limited size to repair-related demolitions of parking lots and parking garages.

Concrete Repair

For its qualities of durability and low cost, concrete has remained the world’s best material for paved surfaces. Like all things, however, even concrete will eventually erode and begin performing poorly.

Asphalt Repair

For the lowest possible cost, asphalt has remained a great solution for paved surfaces. The trade-off, however, is that it requires more frequent maintenance than its concrete counterpart.

Striping and Marking

Expect straight lines delivered in a timely manner at affordable prices when you choose Enterprise Commercial Paving for your striping and line painting services in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Other Service Include:

Site & Civil Work   |   Pressure Washing   |   Aviation Facilities   |   Athletics Facilities   |   Truck Bays & Docks   |   Fencing

We Take a White Collar Approach to a Blue Collar Business

True Professionals

From the time you request an estimate until our last employee leaves your project site, you will be dealing with true professionals -educated and hardworking men and women dedicated to ensuring the best value and experience you can find in the commercial and industrial paving business..

Fast, Detailed Proposals

Your estimate will be produced quickly and will provide accurate costs, resources required, and the approximate time required to complete your project.  75% of project estimates are completed within 48 hours.

Safe, Professional Crews

Our crews are professionally trained, drug-free, and have no criminal backgrounds. 

Many of our employees have TWIC and BasicPlus certifications as well as site-specific and equipment training required for performing work in ports, refineries, and industrial plants along the Gulf Coast.

Insured Beyond Your Requirements

Enterprise Commercial Paving maintains $5,000,000 in general liability insurance - well in excess of the standard commercial requirements for most general contractors and businesses.

Affordable customized paving solutions for commercial and industrial businesses and property developments

Trusted Professionals  | Fast and Detailed Proposals  |   Exceptional Insurance


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